Apple WatchKit tutorial - the first look

Yesterday, Apple released WatchKit, the SDK that allows apps to be created for its upcoming Apple Watch. I grabbed Xcode 6.2 Beta (Apple Developer Program membership is required), and decided to give building something a go. Here’s what happened.

Jawbone’s $50 wearable and an intricate sleep tracker

Wearable technology provider Jawbone has released two wristbands targeting different markets; UP MOVE, a $50 basic activity tracker, and UP3, a $180 wristband which captures detailed information on sleeping patterns and heart rate.

Examining marketing strategies in a wearable era

Wearable tech is about to change the industry of marketing. Marketing is normally done through a clearly and well-developed campaign in order to promote a certain image of a product. Wearable technology means that these types of marketing campaigns are going to have to change. Marketers need to be able adapt quickly and be flexible in their market to appeal to customers.