Wearables: Changing the game of sports and entertainment

Wearable technology is changing every facet of our lives including how we make and experience sports and entertainment. The data collected by these devices are being used by coaches in training of their players to track performance, ensure that they are getting the rest they need in breaks and reduce the risk of injury.

Cortus unveils new low power 32-bit processor core for IoT and wearable devices

There are two main challenges with developing for wearable devices; creating a seamless user experience, and getting enough processing power to enable the seamless user experience you’ve created. Cortus, a French company which creates low-power IP cores, has announced the first in a new family of products based on its v2 instruction set, specifically targeting sensors, wearables, and other Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

Opinion: Wearables are the key to the holodeck

Microsoft Research revealed its 'IllumiRoom' project last year and provided us with an exciting look at the future of gaming. Now IllumiRoom is back with a spiritual successor under the new name of 'RoomAlive' and we are inching closer to their vision allowing our dreams to come true.