Opinion: Wearables are the key to the holodeck

Microsoft Research revealed its 'IllumiRoom' project last year and provided us with an exciting look at the future of gaming. Now IllumiRoom is back with a spiritual successor under the new name of 'RoomAlive' and we are inching closer to their vision allowing our dreams to come true.

A deep dive into getting started with Android Wear

The easiest way to learn how Android Wear works is to install the Android Wear companion app on your handheld device, connect an Android watch or emulator and try it out. The new Android Wear companion app completely replaces the earlier Android Wear Preview app.

A wearable tech app store? Garmin’s going for it with Connect IQ

GPS provider Garmin has launched Connect IQ, a platform for developers to build apps which connect with Garmin’s wearable devices. It’s an interesting move for the firm whose series of wearable devices, outside of fitness trackers, struggles compared to other vendors. As a result, the fact they’re looking for third party developers to beef up their offering is an understandable one.

Getting a grip on enterprise wearable apps

Getting wearable app development right is tricky for enterprise development teams. It’s a set of challenges that involves not only the new tiny and hands-free form factor, but also the new user interfaces, user experiences, and even application use cases.

Top 5 most interesting Reddit wearable tech posts

My cake day is coming up and in pre-celebration I would love to share what I find particularly interesting on reddit, regarding wearables of course. And so after digging through all the memes, gifs, ELI5′s, and other wonderful surprises I discovered, I have compiled a list of five reddit wearable tech posts found in various subreddits that caught my eye.

Apple Watch debut: Some initial thoughts

Yesterday, the world finally got to see the much-hyped and highly anticipated Apple Watch. Live stream woes notwithstanding, the event was very well done in my opinion. The fact that Apple has been able to keep all of this under wraps for so long is even more impressive. The event rivaled the original iPhone launch.

Less than one in 10 UK consumers expects to buy wearable tech in next year

In case you missed it last night, Apple launched a wearable device – the Apple Watch, not the iWatch – as part of its latest product developments. But what sort of market is Cupertino heading towards? According to the latest survey results from law firm Osborne Clarke, less than one in 10 UK consumers are expecting to buy wearable technology in the next year.