FingerAngle revolutionises wearable interactions

(Image Credit: Qeexo)

Apple can detect pressure on their latest iPhones and smartwatch due to 3D Touch and Force Touch, but that requires new hardware. A new algorithm developed by Qeexo called FingerAngle could revolutionise how we interact with our wearable devices, just through a software update. 

FingerAngle detects at which angle the user is placing their finger, and respond in unique ways as the finger is turned. Whilst on current smartwatches you have to use two fingers on a small display when performing certain tasks – such as zooming maps – you could just rotate a single finger instead.

Researchers found the shape of a fingertip making contact with a glass display is distinct based on what part is touching

Qeexo provides other implementation examples for their technology including adjusting the volume of music, and scrolling an article. Beyond everyday tasks, FingerAngle also has the ability to add truly "3D" dimension to software. Games in particular are the prime candidate set to benefit from being able to figure-out at which angle the user's finger is pointing towards. 

The system detects both the angle which the finger is pointing, as well as its angle relative to the display for even more interaction options. Researchers found the shape of a fingertip making contact with a glass display is distinct based on what part is touching, and its angle, making it accurate to gain valuable information. 

Whilst the Apple Watch uses Force Touch in order to sense pressure, it cannot yet determine the direction a user is touching its display. Android Wear devices cannot detect pressure nor angle, and so FingerAngle would make a great addition to Google's arsenal when it comes to wearables... 

There is no current timeline as to when you can expect to see FingerAngle implemented at the OS-level, or even when to expect it to be used in games and/or applications. I know that if I was Google I'd be reaching deep into my pockets right now. 

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