How wearables can improve safety and efficiency in surgery


Though wearables have gained a lot of attention in the consumer segment, such devices have the potential for adoption in the enterprise and even in the medical arena, as evidenced by researchers in the UK.

According to News Medical, Nottingham Trent University has collaborated with the Nottingham University Hospital NHS Trust on the design on a...

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Apple races into overwhelming smartwatch sales lead as holidays draw near


Apple has shipped approximately seven million smartwatches in the two quarters since the launch of the Apple Watch, a figure that surpasses the combined shipments of all other players over the past five quarters, according to Canalys. Additionally, the iPhone maker was the only vendor that registered sales of over 300,000 units in the third quarter of 2015.

Apple’s sales in the Q4 holiday quarter will be scrutinised as the Cupertino-based tech giant is considered a bellwether for...

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Wearable robots and exoskeletons market reveals potential at embryonic stage

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Just over 10% of warehouse professionals have programmes underway or being planned for IoT adoption, according to a Daintree Networks report.

Though the market for wearable robots and exoskeletons is still in its early stages, there exists a lot of potential for growth as the number of applications begins to increase. has added a new report that expects the value of the market to rise from $16.5 million in 2014 to $2.1 billion by 2021. The key regions...

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Honeywell and Intel develop prototype wearable to improve industrial workplace safety


Honeywell and Intel have developed a prototype wearable showcased at Intel's Internet of Things (IoT) Insights Day which aims to boost industrial workplace safety and productivity.

Known as the Honeywell Connected Worker solution, the product features a Mobile Hub that collects data from a number of sensors on a worker to determine toxic gas exposure, breathing, heart rate, posture and motion.

Honeywell Industrial Safety President Carl Johnson said: “This collaboration...

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Wearable medical device market to grow 17.7% by 2020


A new report by Mordor Intelligence has forecast that the global wearable medical device market will exceed $7.8 billion (£5.07bn) by 2020.

The report defines wearable medical devices as those that are attached to the human body and act as biosensors to monitor and detect changes in key body indicators, and to capture physiological data. Given their functions, the devices are autonomous, non-invasive and primarily used for clinical monitoring. They are used for monitoring...

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Price and perceived lack of benefit still inhibiting smartwatch adoption


Even though smartwatches have been sold for some time, the wearable market is still at the embryonic stage, according to data from a Kantar Worldpanel ComTech survey – going against a previous report from CCS Insight which notes rapid growth in the past 12 months.

Among smartwatches in use today, 1% were bought in 2013, with the figure rising to 14% for 2014. Additionally, only 3% of...

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Smartwatch awareness continues to soar with Apple Watch


New research by CCS Insight has found that the wearables market has seen rapid growth in the past 12 months thanks to heightened awareness and improved products.

The study surveyed 3,000 consumers in China, the US and the UK, looking at their perception of wearable technology, awareness, ownership and usage patterns.

Consumer awareness of smartwatches has risen by ten percentage points, but wearables still lack mass appeal, with many owners abandoning their gadgets quickly after they...

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New MasterCard program facilitates secure payments from any connected device

Picture credit: "MasterCard credit card", by "Hakan Dahlstrom", used under CC BY / Modified from original

It goes without saying that the Internet of Things is set to revolutionise the manner in which consumers interact and transact; now, MasterCard is now looking to make its mark in the IoT with a new program that is set to facilitate payments from consumer-owned connected...

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Global wearable electronics market to see 80% CAGR in shipment by 2019


ReportBuyer has added a report from Technavio examining the current scenario in the global wearable electronics market while also elaborating on the potential for growth.

The report, titled, Global Wearable Electronics Market 2015-2019, is based on market analysis and has been augmented with viewpoints from industry experts. Analysts at Technavio project a 79.99% CAGR in unit shipment the period 2014–2019.

Market size has been ascertained by taking into account revenue gained...

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How increasing wearable use in the workplace raises IT concerns


A survey by IT software company Ipswitch, polling 288 American IT professionals, provides insight on challenges and the extent of wearable penetration.

Consumer adoption of wearables is on the rise and the nature of the technology and associated benefits necessitates use throughout the day, leading to concerns for IT professionals at the workplace. Close to 53% of the respondents reported employees with wearables utilising the company Wi-Fi.

As a result, 36% spoke of decreased network...

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Wristly report sheds light on uptake of Apple Watch among consumers


Wristly, which examines data on the Apple Watch, has released a new report that provides insight on the behavioural changes being witnessed among owners of the Watch.

The Apple Watch is gaining traction among consumers and is transforming the health and fitness of many. An earlier report from the firm had found that 78% of Apple Watch users were more conscious of their health after using the product. Recently, an American high-school student held that the wearable had helped him avoid a...

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Wearable electronics among drivers of microelectronics innovation, says Frost & Sullivan


Frost & Sullivan has released a report that names wearable electronics among the leading microelectronics technologies in the future, with the segment expected to make headway in terms of adoption soon.

Wearable electronics is expected to play a major role in consumer and healthcare applications and this development along with the rise in the use of smart devices is boosting the development of microelectronics technologies.

The demand for cost-effective and robust devices that...

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University of Texas develops wearable health monitoring patches

Picture credit: Cockrell School of Engineering

A research team from the Cockrell School of Engineering at the University of Texas has published a paper on a new process to make health monitoring patches.

The patent-pending process aims to develop a tattoo-like disposable patch for epidermal electronics mass production. The team was led by Assistant Professor Nanshu Lu, who helped develop epidermal electronics technology in 2011.

The process involves a cut and paste method that reduces manufacturing time to 20...

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Innovations, diversity and cloud computing to drive wearables market


A new report by Research and Markets has found that innovations, cloud computing and diversity in applications will play key roles in the future of wearable technology.

The report found that innovations across the entire ecosystem will play a major role in the success of wearables. The ecosystem includes app developers, technology providers, software providers and original equipment manufacturers.

Cloud computing is also expected to play a major enabling technology among wearables. In...

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Millennial generation leads the way as 20% of online Americans use wearables


Wearable device manufacturers such as Fitbit and Apple have been able to generate demand among consumers with the younger generation at the forefront in terms of adoption of connected devices, according to a report by Forrester.

The outlook for wearables is optimistic as 21% of online Americans currently use a wearable device and connected device users even among the ‘golden generation’, on average, utilise at least three connected devices. The average American online...

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Hillcrest Labs software aims to boost time to market for wearable manufacturers


Wearable software and hardware supplier Hillcrest Labs has introduced its MotionEngine Wear software to improve development of wearables.

The software’s always-active, sensor-enabled attributes are capable of catering to wearable manufacturers seeking cost-effective, turnkey solutions that facilitate quicker development, more functionality and improved performance along with optimisation for the supply chain. MotionEngine Wear is well-suited for use in smartwatches, activity and...

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Consumers open to sharing wearable data with GPs, but privacy concerns remain


A survey of 1,000 UK adults from KPMG has found that though privacy concerns remain, consumers are open to sharing health data with certain entities.

74% of respondents were ready to share health data collected via wearable or fitness band with their GP, and almost half of the respondents were open to the NHS streamlining storage of medical records at a single national database to facilitate access to medical practitioners across the country.

However, only 7% were open to wearable data...

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Fitness wearables to grow to $14.9 billion by 2021


A new WinterGreen Research report predicts that the global fitness wearables market will grow to reach $14.9 billion (£9.77bn) by 2021.

This growth will be driven by professional athletes, consumers and teams looking for a performance advantage.

The current focus in the fitness wearables market is not on what data can be shown, but on the meaningfulness of the data in improving and managing personal fitness and athletic performance. The devices are being used in teams to improve...

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Latest industry research assesses challenges of global wearable market


New industry research from has revealed that by 2016, wearable device shipments will surpass 140m globally and will account for almost $30 billion in revenue.

The report, entitled “Wearable Technology Ecosystem 2015-2030: Opportunities, Challenges, Strategies, Industry Verticals and Forecasts”, argues the wearable market is anticipated to see a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 30% in the next half decade.

The important technologies facilitating...

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