Google puts wearable health on steroids

Microsoft has just unveiled their fitness band with the most sensors of any wrist-worn consumer device yet. In total, the "Microsoft Band" packs 10 different types including sensors which allow it to measure heart rate, stress levels, and even UV exposure.

But not a company to sit still, Google has announced the tech giant is working on perhaps the most important and innovative solution yet, cancer detection. Google has developed a "nanoparticle pill" which they will incorporate with a...

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GfK: 420k wearables were sold in the UK this year

Research firm GfK has revealed that over 420,000 wearables were sold in the UK from January through to September 2014. During this period, the total value of the smart devices sold is expected to be in excess of an eye-watering £51 million ($82 million.)

Despite this, the firm believes wearables are far from becoming mass market. Anne Giulianotti, GfK, says: “There’s no question wearable activity trackers have caught on – but with a small percentage of the population....

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Did Microsoft show its wearable in SHIELD?

Microsoft will announce their millenial entry into the wearables market in the coming weeks, as reported by Forbes and confirmed by sources close to the Redmond-based giant. It seems that the company isn't going to be late-to-the-party as it was with Windows Phone...

The upcoming wearable is said to be focused on fitness and is more of a smartband.

But it's possible that Microsoft has shown their device already. Marvel's Agents of SHIELD is a TV show laden with the company's products - whether...

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Musician and entrepreneur,, has long spoke of his intention to enter the smartwatch market. For perhaps the first time, it’s not just us wearable-enthusiasts who have been following developments, but also fans of fashion and his own unique-style.

Alongside the Puls, debuted a range of clothing which can act as a battery.

At Salesforce's Dreamforce event yesterday, took the wraps off of his 'Puls' smartwatch (although he prefers the term...

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Opinion: Wearables are the key to the holodeck

Picture credit: JDHancock

If you're a bit of a geek like me, then ever since seeing the holodeck in Star Trek you will have dreamed of a room you can walk in and be virtually transported anywhere without the hassle and cost of flights and/or public transport.

Microsoft Research revealed its 'IllumiRoom' project last year and provided us with an exciting look at the future of gaming. Now IllumiRoom is back with a spiritual successor under the new name of...

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Apple's wearable dev kit in-use ahead of tomorrow's event

Apple design chief, Jony Ive, recently made a comment that Switzerland's economy is "in trouble" which was undoubtedly in reference to his confidence that Swiss watch manufacturers should be scared of his renowned designs. The company has also, for the first time, invited press from the fashion industry along to their coveted event scheduled for tomorrow.

If these two revelations weren't big enough signs that Apple is at least ready to show their move into the wearable market; maybe the...

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Android Wear: The definitive first-gen comparison

It's been a while since the launch of Android Wear at I/O on June 25th; but we wanted to wait until a few more devices were inevitably brought to the market before we felt we could make a fair comparison between them before - as rumours suggest - Android Wear 2.0 launches next month.


A recent study, one which unfortunately I can't seem to re-locate, studied whether the public would pick-up the wearable eyewear, Google Glass. The outcome was a resounding no due to the device being seen as...

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Intel drives the future of healthcare with disease-monitoring wearables

The most common wearable device today, the smartwatch, is being targeted as the optimum place to keep track of our general health and offer ways we can improve our lifestyle - if we wish. This is great, but there are those out there with more serious ailments which must be monitored continuously or face more serious symptoms than an inflated waistline.

Chip manufacturer Intel is partnering with the Michael J. Foundation, who specialise in Parkinson's disease research, to offer their own expertise in the...

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