Addapp creates actionable insights from your health data

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Wearables are creating an exciting new era for the health industry, with more data about its users available to ensure our bodies remain in peak condition. The problem is that - aside from telling us to get off our rears or letting us know how far we've run - current devices are creating a whole bunch of data but without much context. 

Addapp wants to change this by collecting all the data available from a range of wearables and sources like Fitbit, Jawbone, Withings, Apple’s Health app, and even Foursquare and Uber to create actionable insights on how we can improve our health. For example, if you've booked an Uber ride to get to the end of your road I'd imagine you would probably get some advice to try walking.

Applications are becoming 24/7 health advisors with access to more regular updates about your current state of mind and body.

Of course it will take time to build all the links between services, and collect enough data about you personally for it to be useful. Luckily you've probably got a fair bit of historical data for Addapp to start working with but you might want to give it some leniency during its early days and appreciate the overall goal its founders are attempting to achieve. 

Kouris Kalligas, CEO and founder of Adapp, told TNW: "The other day I got an insight informing me I checked in seven times in food places and didn’t do much cycling, prompting me to cycle." 

It's these kinds of little correlations to things which can affect your mood and weight that you might not even realise without an app to give you a prompt. Applications are becoming 24/7 health advisors with access to more regular updates about your current state of mind and body. 

Addapp is currently available for iOS and has an Apple Watch companion app due to launch in the coming days. The team have an Android version on the roadmap for later this year, or early next year dependent on the uptake of its iOS version. If the app can offer the kind of insights it has planned, I don't think it will have much trouble here. 

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