PIQ introduces AI interface for sports wearables


French sports wearables startup PIQ has unveiled GAIA, an autonomous system, and PIQ ROBOTTM, a ultra-high performance sensor, which enable athletes to identify their winning factors, highlighting the key strength they should concentrate on to succeed.

GAIA is claimed as being the first artificial intelligence system that can independently read and analyse sports movements. With the help of specific motion-capture algorithms, GAIA is capable of breaking down...

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Yudiz, Brick Simple, and Moyeo Apps named in top 10 wearable app design firms


A list of top 10 best wearable app design companies has been prepared by San Francisco-based 10 Best Design, with Yudiz, Brick Simple, and Moyeo Apps the top three winners for October.

The list is prepared each month by using a complex algorithm process that weighs the pros and cons of each firm against other contenders.

Yudiz, according to the research, is argued to be one of the best app development agencies in India that can develop wearable applications for any hardware. The company...

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Everyone has the latest wearable interface, their skin

(Image Credit: Future Interfaces Group)

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University have established a way to make skin the next user interface for technology – solving the issue of small displays on most wearables. 

Current smartwatches are more powerful than their interfaces allow them to be. When you cover most of the display with a single finger, it limits what interactions you can perform with a device. A team at the Future Interfaces...

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FingerAngle revolutionises wearable interactions

(Image Credit: Qeexo)

Apple can detect pressure on their latest iPhones and smartwatch due to 3D Touch and Force Touch, but that requires new hardware. A new algorithm developed by Qeexo called FingerAngle could revolutionise how we interact with our wearable devices, just through a software update. 

FingerAngle detects at which angle the user is placing their finger, and respond in unique ways as the finger is turned. Whilst on current smartwatches you...

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Putting the "you" in wearables UI and UX


By Shuang Yu, Senior Manager, Solutions Marketing, IEEE Standards Association and Lloyd Green, Director, Engagement Marketing and Creative Community Services, IEEE Standards Association 

RFID-blocking jeans powered by anti-virus software. A jacket that can calm autistic children and PTSD sufferers by giving them a hug. A sports bra that doubles as a heart rate...

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Juniper argues “invisible wearables” provide key to mainstream market success


Analyst house Juniper Research has released a new paper asserting ‘invisible’ wearables – hardware which is indistinguishable from non-smart technology – will provide a key market opportunity by 2020.

In a report entitled ‘The World in 2020: A Technology Vision’, made available for free download here, the analysts argue many wearables companies are...

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Colour-display Pebble with new UI leaks ahead of event

(Image Credit: Pebble)

Earlier this month, we reported Kickstarter-success Pebble is due a new software platform which its founder describes as "unlike anything before" it. A look at this new platform is expected at an event hosted by the company tomorrow, but an early leak has given us a peek at some new hardware on which to show it off...

Found on Pebble's servers, 

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Cuff wins most beautiful wearable award in New York

Picture credit: Cuff/YouTube

Take a look at Cuff. The startup, which provides jewellery that serves as a fitness and activity tracker, has won an award for the most beautiful wearable of 2014 at the Decoded Fashion summit in New York.

The company’s collection, which includes necklaces and bracelets, are powered by interchangeable modules, called CuffLincs, which connect directly to iPhone and Android apps.

Cuff lasts seven days without charging, and comes with a single press, double press and triple...

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50 Cent and Intel team up for audio fitness: This is How We Do wearables

SMS Audio LLC has announced a collaboration with Intel to deliver biometric headphones, aiming to combine optimum sound quality with a custom heart rate monitor to give users fitness data.

The product, given the exalted moniker of SMS Audio BioSport In-Ear Headphones powered by Intel, is part of the SMS Audio Sport Collection, and offers a variety of services, including compatibility with fitness app RunKeeper, as well as a 3.5mm gold-plated audio jack which claims to eliminate the need for regular...

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Report assesses how wearable tech can transform luxury goods market

A report from Mindshare Worldwide argues that wearable technology, and specifically Google Glass, has the potential to “transform” the luxury goods market.

With wearables creeping into consumers’ mindsets and adoption rates going up, innovative manufacturers are thinking of new ways to penetrate the market. Increasingly, wearable technology solutions have to look appealing, as well as being technologically sound – so much so that the user almost forgets it’s a piece of technology...

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