Wearable electronics among drivers of microelectronics innovation, says Frost & Sullivan


Frost & Sullivan has released a report that names wearable electronics among the leading microelectronics technologies in the future, with the segment expected to make headway in terms of adoption soon.

Wearable electronics is expected to play a major role in consumer and healthcare applications and this development along with the rise in the use of smart devices is boosting the development of microelectronics technologies.

The demand for cost-effective and robust devices that facilitate low power consumption, more efficiency, and high-speed data connectivity, is set to ensure the innovation ecosystem thrives. Some of the other applications for microelectronics include flexible electronics, smart lighting, wireless charging, near-field communication, transparent display, brain-computer interface, encapsulation technologies, smart haptics and touch and solid-state lighting.

The development of environment-friendly solutions will be bolstered by LED lighting and technologies including sensors and wireless communication. The widespread adoption of wireless charging of multiple devices over short distances is also anticipated.

Frost & Sullivan TechVision Research Analyst Jabez Mendelson said: “With significant work underway by various stakeholders across technology segments, the commercialization of new microelectronic products is expected in several industries. However, during the manufacturing of new products in the microelectronics sector, the difficulty to create a sustainable supply chain for commercialisation will remain a challenge.”

The penetration of microelectronics into target markets could also face difficulty on account of dynamic market requirements and the declining lifetime of electronic products. Additionally, compliance with global standards is also a challenge as the microelectronics industry burgeons with more players.

Despite these risks, demand for cheaper technology and higher customer buy-in will foster innovation. New business models and markets are expected to come into being even as certain industries ensure multifunctional capabilities.

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