Wristly report sheds light on uptake of Apple Watch among consumers


Wristly, which examines data on the Apple Watch, has released a new report that provides insight on the behavioural changes being witnessed among owners of the Watch.

The Apple Watch is gaining traction among consumers and is transforming the health and fitness of many. An earlier report from the firm had found that 78% of Apple Watch users were more conscious of their health after using the product. Recently, an American high-school student held that the wearable had helped him avoid a life-threatening situation by alerting him about a drastic rise in his heart beat following football practice.

The report found that 60% purchased the Apple Watch on account of its ability to improve activity/fitness. Approximately, 60-65% of Apple Watch buyers are first-time users of activity/fitness wearables and close to 33% of Apple Watch users were not using a watch prior to the purchase.

This statistic reveals the difference in opportunity for Apple when compared to the likes of Fitbit, Misfit and other players. 83% of Apple Watch owners are making strides in improving their health with the device and those who purchased the product for its health benefits are reporting a lot of improvement.

Users are also utilising Apple Watch features such as Activity Rings and the Stand-Up reminder. 76% of the respondents are using the native app to track their exercise, movement, and fitness. However, the lack of technology in the product to monitor strength and flexibility exercises should present an opportunity to third-party developers.

The survey respondents are also using an Apple Watch Workout app that can work on other sport activities such as swimming, tennis, kayaking and other ball and team sports as well as Crossfit and Zumba. Finally, the report highlighted the lack of a watch-integrated GPS that could track distances and speeds for biking or running.


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