New IDC report sheds light on wearable 'intenders'


New research from the International Data Corporation (IDC) has examined wearables ‘intenders’ – consumers who plan on purchasing a wearable product in the next six months.

These consumers are expected to play a leading role in the next surge of wearables adoption in the US. The survey’s data is based on a poll, undertaken by IDC's Buyer Behaviour Practice, of 1,500 Americans who intend to purchase a wearables product in the next six months.

The research firm found that wearable intenders are tech savvy, highly social, and extremely style conscious. They are at ease with technology (89%) and over three-quarters (76%) are used to checking their smartphone every morning. Being extremely social, 87% use Facebook while 29% check the social networking site every hour. Over half (54%) have a fear of missing out on the latest developments on social media.

Wearables intenders are highly style conscious, with 81% conscious of how they present themselves while 77% consider dressing extremely important. Around a two thirds (66%) believe clothing is an expression of who they are while 63% believe what they wear (eyeglasses, watch, jewellery) reveals something about who they are.

Allan Fromen, vice president and consulting partner for IDC's Global Buyer Behaviour Practice, said: “Intenders are enthusiastic about wearables but have hesitated to actually purchase a device. This implies that companies have not yet cracked the code to deliver something that is both functional and fashionable. Given that intenders are highly style conscious, companies clearly need to focus on the aesthetics of their product – perhaps even more so than the features.”

Nearly three quarters of respondents (74%) agree that wearables are exciting and 71% agreeing that wearables are the next big thing in technology. Another two-thirds (65%) of intenders also believe that wearables will make a positive impact on their life. The preference for brands in this group differs by category, with the most preferred brands being Apple (52%) for smartwatches, Fitbit (37%) for fitness trackers, Google (36%) for eyewear, and Nike (40%) for clothing.

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