Eccrine Systems secures $5.5m in series A for sweat-sensing wearable tech


Eccrine Systems, a Cincinnati-based company dedicated to improving human health, safety, and productivity through innovation and development of advanced sweat sensing technologies has raised $5.5 million in series A funding.

The company’s technology platform addresses a wide range of monitoring applications including industrial toxicity, fitness-for-duty, stress management, treatment effectiveness and various medical conditions. The raised funds will help accelerate the development of non-invasive, wearable, sweat sensing systems for use in medicine, industry and sport. This was supported by CincyTech Fund IV and other sources within the CincyTech local, regional and national investor community.

Eccrine has also been recently awarded with a $3.96 million contract by the United States Air Force Research Laboratory focused on the development of a next generation, non-invasive sensing system for the monitoring of specific molecular biomarkers in human sweat.

Robert Beech, CEO and co-founder of Eccrine Systems, said: “Sweat holds great promise as the best non-invasive source for acquiring the type of molecular data and physiological insights that the medical community has historically collected and analysed from blood. However, the use of sweat has been limited by the lack of means to accurately capture and report its real-time contents in the context of daily life, whether during work, sleep or play.

"Advances in microfluidics, nanotechnology, miniaturized electronics and power management are now making it possible to engineer wearable sweat sensing systems to monitor a wide array of sweat molecules in real time.”

Mike Venerable, managing director of CincyTech, said: “Analysing perspiration should provide more value than a sweaty t-shirt, but that's generally the state of today's market. Scientifically valid analysis of perspiration can inform human performance, diagnostics, drug adherence and nutrition. Eccrine is defining the future of sweat sensing in a variety of modes that seem exotic today, but will be commonplace in a few years.” in hearing industry leaders discuss subjects like this and sharing their IoT use-cases? Attend the IoT Tech Expo World Series events with upcoming shows in Silicon Valley, London and Amsterdam to learn more.

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