New report asserts military, medical sectors as hottest for wearables uptake

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A study from Reportlinker on the wearable electronics and semiconductor market has agreed the current state of wearables for enterprise is far stronger than the consumer equivalent.

The report analyses the different industry sectors, market drivers, demographic factors and emerging markets, and notes the difficulty of sizing up a market which is so nascent and contains so many potential offshoots.

For the purposes of the report, Reportlinker classifies a wearable computing device as one that “ultimately either provides data via a highly portable device that a consumer can wear, or one that takes some form of measurement and data from a consumer, like a fitness band or watch.”

The report argues there are many applications for wearables at an enterprise level, with the military and healthcare industries the most likely candidates.

“The military is not limited in the scope of its wearables-related thinking to soldiers,” the report explains. “Wearables that can monitor the vital signs of soldiers can be the difference between life and death.” Examples cited include the Aviation Warrior, a system which includes a helmet and wrist display to provide real-time data on the battlefield, and FIDO, a wearable that can translate the actions of military animals.

It’s a similar story in the medical sector. “Another early adopter of wearables is the medical community, many members of whom are interested in miniature wearables for healthcare monitoring,” the report argues, citing MC10’s Biostamp which can monitor heart rate, as well as a solution from Corventis that can monitor heart conditions.

Plenty has been said in recent months over wearable tech adoption in the enterprise, from one piece of research saying employees aren’t ready to bring their smartwatches to work to another firm which is actively encouraging it.

The report argues it’s an inevitability in future years, but adds: “Wearable technology is being heralded by its proponents as a dawn of a new era by integrating digital and physical reality.

“It is inevitable that employees and businesses will be among the early adopters of these devices and use them in the workplace as productivity tools. But are there unintended consequences, especially when used by a mobile workforce?”

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