Examining marketing strategies in a wearable era

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Wearable tech is about to change the industry of marketing. Marketing is normally done through a clearly and well-developed campaign in order to promote a certain image of a product. Wearable technology means that these types of marketing campaigns are going to have to change.

Marketers need to be able adapt quickly and be flexible in their market to appeal to customers. Wearable tech opens up a new realm for marketers to use in order to keep in touch with consumers.

Marketing and wearables

Wearable technology is relatively young in nature, but is constantly rising through the years. Deloitte published a study that has stated that the demand for wearables tech is “increasing to the tens of millions by 2016 and surpassing 100 million by 2020.” This opens up a 100 million new screens to use to grab customer’s attention. The adoption phase has just begun, but as the figures show this industry is expected to grow exponentially.

Some companies are adopting this technology into their marketing schemes early on. This has very positive implications for these businesses because they are able to reach consumers in new and innovative ways. Trulia, a popular real estate service, has started to use Google Glass to make a new splash in the real estate realm. Their Google glass app allows for home buyers to find homes near them right on their glass. This is app allows for them to research homes to buy hands free

This type of innovation will continue to be seen in a multitude of markets. This will cause a major land grab to be the leader in their industry in the wearable tech realm. This presents a new challenge for marketers. The smaller screen of wearables means that marketers need to find creative ideas to attract new customers. Turlia manages to do it with skillful geo-location built in to their app. Marketers need to understand how the world will be changing and what it means for their strategy.

Marketing in an increasing Social World

Social sharing is expected to increase in the coming years. This means that apps like Snapchat, Facebook, and Twitter will experience more traffic from many different platforms. This sort of sharing means that people will want their information quicker. More and more people are using apps like Snapchat and Vine. Marketers need to be able to appeal to the masses so they need to be appeal to create marketing campaigns in short videos of time that can add to the social sharing trend . Wearables will further increase this trend. The user will want to have a call to action that he or she can act on immediately. The days of having the attention of a consumer base are gone. People want their information instantaneously.

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Wista’s graph shows how social sharing has changed the way that people view advertisements. A social world means that people will not wait. The user wants their information instantaneously. This sort social sharing trend is now giving marketers access to have a massive about of data.

The next battle that marketers will fight is how to compile that data into some useable information about their user. The marketers are going to need to obtain an actionable insight form the data in order to appeal to wearable customers. The world is changing and becoming more social each year. This means that the amount of usable data for marketers will increase. Understanding this data in a wearable world is a necessity in order to be flexible to the customers wants and needs.

The winner in this new tech frontier is going to be the one who puts the customer before the product. The product needs to create an innovative solution to a problem for people in this increasingly technological world. The key to this issue is using this massive about of data to figure out what processes marketers can make more efficient in a wearable world. This is a frontier that has not been fully utilized, but will be the next battle ground for marketers to fight over.

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