Getting started: How to get set up to build an Android Wear app


In this blog we’ll get you ready to develop your first Android Wear app.

How does it work?

Basically, your Android Wear app will work by generating Cards and inserting them into the Context stream at the point they become most useful. A user will then glance at the stream on their watch and see your app’s timely and relevant update.

Your app can also have action buttons that allow a user to perform an action which may occur on their Android Wear device or on the paired handheld...

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Apple WatchKit tutorial - the first look

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Yesterday, Apple released WatchKit, the SDK that allows apps to be created for its upcoming Apple Watch. I grabbed Xcode 6.2 Beta (Apple Developer Program membership is required), and decided to give building something a go. Here’s what happened.

There are three types of Apple Watch experiences that can be built today: Watch Apps, Glances, and Notifications. With this...

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Examining marketing strategies in a wearable era

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Wearable tech is about to change the industry of marketing. Marketing is normally done through a clearly and well-developed campaign in order to promote a certain image of a product. Wearable technology means that these types of marketing campaigns are going to have to change.

Marketers need to be able adapt quickly and be flexible in their market to appeal to customers. Wearable tech opens up a new realm for marketers to use in order to keep in touch with consumers.

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Wearables: Changing the game of sports and entertainment

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Guest post - by Tom Emrich

Wearable technology is changing every facet of our lives including how we make and experience sports and entertainment. Professional athletes are using wearables to better their performance, devices like Google Glass are giving fans a whole new perspective of the game and technology like virtual reality, sensors and haptics are redefining movies and music. Adidas is working with professional teams like the

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A deep dive into getting started with Android Wear

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A deep dive into getting started with Android Wear by Michael Hahn 

The easiest way to learn how Android Wear works is to install the Android Wear companion app on your handheld device, connect an Android watch or emulator and try it out. The new Android Wear companion app completely replaces the earlier Android Wear Preview app.

The Android Wear...

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Why brands need to pay attention to wearables

With over 10 million wearable devices sold in 2014 alone – should brands start paying more attention to the wearables space?

Based on a recent Forrester report – 25% of American Adults plan on buying a wearable within the next year. If Forrester’s data holds true that would be an estimated 79 Million+ wearables sold within the next year. To put this in perspective only 64 million Smartphones were...

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Top 5 most interesting Reddit wearable tech posts

My cake day is coming up and in pre-celebration I would love to share what I find particularly interesting on reddit, regarding wearables of course. And so after digging through all the memes, gifs, ELI5′s, and other wonderful surprises I discovered, I have compiled a list of five reddit wearable tech posts found in various subreddits that caught my eye.

1. Minuum AMA

Featured in our previous blog about wearables in the...

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How wearables are changing the way we walk

The wearables market is now hitting the streets, literally! New creative devices are being constructed to help people move around the city easier than before. Here, we’re going to tackle two new devices that I find pretty interesting and that just might help you with your commute to work, errand-running, or exercising on the go.

Happy Feet

Pulling your phone out from your waistband or pocket be quite the hassle while running or biking, especially as it’s jumping and jostling around in your shorts....

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