Smart glasses uptake suffering from “slow path to social acceptance”

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A report from Juniper Research has predicted fewer than 10 million smart glasses units will be shipped per annum by 2017.

The researchers cite reasons for the relatively low number as lengthy time to market, a lack of a key consumer use case and a slow path to social acceptance.

Type ‘Google Glass’ into any search engine and you will see a variety of stories, both good and bad. For example, the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) and the National Association of...

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Wearable Intelligence puts $8m aside for Google Glass in hospitals

Wearable tech startup Wearable Intelligence has shovelled $8m in the direction of bringing Google Glass to the enterprise after the latest round of venture funding.

The latest round, led by Lightspeed Venture Partners, has been documented in this filing to the US SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission).

The California-based company, led by CEO Yan-David Erlich and president Ryan Junee, is squarely focused on utilising...

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The potential for Google Glass in the workplace: Opportunities and obstacles

Bank branches, desktop computers, landline phones and bus tickets all have something in common: the next generation of children may never experience any of them first hand. Technology consumerisation and the digitisation of services have changed how we live, work and interact, at a pace that continues to accelerate. The next logical step in this transformation is the sensor economy.  It promises to create an entirely new overlay of information, semantics, analytics and, obviously,...

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Is the future bright for e-commerce with wearable tech?

With wearables emerging as the top trend at CES 2014 and Google Glass being voted this year’s most innovative product in digital retail, it is hard to imagine that not so long ago, you may have been laughed at if you talked about technology devices that you could wear on your body.

While fitness devices make up the vast majority of the market at the moment. Devices are moving from niche applications and early adopters into much more mainstream products. Google Glass which was available only to a limited...

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GSK's Kai Gait on how wearables will make the world a healthier place

Kai Gait, Global Multi-Channel Marketing Director at GSK will be speaking within the Mobile Strategy and Marketing track at Apps World Europe examining the potential for marketers in the wearables industry. Although his presentation will be a general one his experience within the healthcare market is unrivalled given healthcare is the one market where wearable technology undoubtedly has the most powerful potential to do good. We caught up with him ahead of the show in November to find out more about how he sees the market. What is...

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Report assesses how wearable tech can transform luxury goods market

A report from Mindshare Worldwide argues that wearable technology, and specifically Google Glass, has the potential to “transform” the luxury goods market.

With wearables creeping into consumers’ mindsets and adoption rates going up, innovative manufacturers are thinking of new ways to penetrate the market. Increasingly, wearable technology solutions have to look appealing, as well as being technologically sound – so much so that the user almost forgets it’s a piece of technology...

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