How wearables are changing the way we walk

The wearables market is now hitting the streets, literally! New creative devices are being constructed to help people move around the city easier than before. Here, we’re going to tackle two new devices that I find pretty interesting and that just might help you with your commute to work, errand-running, or exercising on the go.

Happy Feet

Pulling your phone out from your waistband or pocket be quite the hassle while running or biking, especially as it’s jumping and jostling around in your shorts....

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50 Cent and Intel team up for audio fitness: This is How We Do wearables

SMS Audio LLC has announced a collaboration with Intel to deliver biometric headphones, aiming to combine optimum sound quality with a custom heart rate monitor to give users fitness data.

The product, given the exalted moniker of SMS Audio BioSport In-Ear Headphones powered by Intel, is part of the SMS Audio Sport Collection, and offers a variety of services, including compatibility with fitness app RunKeeper, as well as a 3.5mm gold-plated audio jack which claims to eliminate the need for regular...

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Report assesses how wearable tech can transform luxury goods market

A report from Mindshare Worldwide argues that wearable technology, and specifically Google Glass, has the potential to “transform” the luxury goods market.

With wearables creeping into consumers’ mindsets and adoption rates going up, innovative manufacturers are thinking of new ways to penetrate the market. Increasingly, wearable technology solutions have to look appealing, as well as being technologically sound – so much so that the user almost forgets it’s a piece of technology...

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Ringly aims to keep you up to date but with your phone out of sight

Meet Ringly. This startup’s piece of wearable technology keeps you up to date with notifications, but makes sure you’re not pulling your phone out of your pocket every few minutes.

Utilising Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), the ring’s BLE-enabled circuit board makes the connection with the user’s phone, and is available on both iOS and Android platforms.

The ring lights up a specified colour and gives a different vibration pattern dependent on the type of notification received, be it a...

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