Wearables: It’s the text on the screen, as much as the device, which needs to be beautiful

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Wearable device manufacturers are proliferating at almost the same rate as wearable devices themselves. One look at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in January, or Mobile World Congress (MWC) in March, with their dedicated wearables rooms, made that plain to see.

With so much competition in the market, on platforms with limited memory, runtime and computing power, gaining an edge is key for OEMs. Increasingly, wearable devices have...

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Putting the "you" in wearables UI and UX


By Shuang Yu, Senior Manager, Solutions Marketing, IEEE Standards Association and Lloyd Green, Director, Engagement Marketing and Creative Community Services, IEEE Standards Association 

RFID-blocking jeans powered by anti-virus software. A jacket that can calm autistic children and PTSD sufferers by giving them a hug. A sports bra that doubles as a heart rate...

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Why combining fashion and functionality is key to wearable tech uptake


Anyone with a vested interest in the wearable tech market will recognise that at present, products are still very much in their infant stages in terms of take-up and overall popularity. Here at Apadmi we recently conducted some research into consumer attitudes to wearables in the hope it would shed some light on uncertainty surrounding the technology at present. Our results found that, as it currently stands, 35 per cent of...

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£210k up for grabs for startups in wearable tech competition


IC Tomorrow, a UK-based programme for growth in the digital sector, has announced the launch of a £210,000 innovation prize for startups and small businesses based around wearable devices and smart fashion.

The contest offers £35,000 in funding and the opportunity to trial a product with a big name in the industry. Sponsors include Disney, who heads up the ‘wearables for kids’ category; McLaren, who along with Loughborough University is marshalling the...

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Misfit and Swarovski team up to push wearables further into fashion

Picture credit: Swarovski/YouTube

Misfit Wearables has launched two Swarovski Shine wearables at the Consumer Electronics Show in a partnership with the jewellery brand.

The wearables are available in a crystal and violet face, with the latter utilising a unique “energy crystal” technology which enables charging through exposure to light. Lest this innovation goes the way of the sundial, Misfit writes: “This is the world’s first wireless activity and sleep monitor that utilises an...

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Cuff wins most beautiful wearable award in New York

Picture credit: Cuff/YouTube

Take a look at Cuff. The startup, which provides jewellery that serves as a fitness and activity tracker, has won an award for the most beautiful wearable of 2014 at the Decoded Fashion summit in New York.

The company’s collection, which includes necklaces and bracelets, are powered by interchangeable modules, called CuffLincs, which connect directly to iPhone and Android apps.

Cuff lasts seven days without charging, and comes with a single press, double press and triple...

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Why wearables need to find their niche in retail rather than tech stores

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A wearable technology panel at the Apps World Europe event last week concluded that wearables are currently missing the market by being sold in technology stores rather than in general retail.

It's an interesting argument. Technology is already pervasive in certain items of clothing, such as running shoes, and we'd buy them without a second glance. But is this going to be the future for wearables?

Krispin Lawrence is co-founder and CEO at wearable firm Ducere Technologies....

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Will.i.am fixes wearables with "fashionology"

Musician and entrepreneur, Will.i.am, has long spoke of his intention to enter the smartwatch market. For perhaps the first time, it’s not just us wearable-enthusiasts who have been following developments, but also fans of fashion and his own unique-style.

Alongside the Puls, Will.i.am debuted a range of clothing which can act as a battery.

At Salesforce's Dreamforce event yesterday, Will.i.am took the wraps off of his 'Puls' smartwatch (although he prefers the term...

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Top 5 most interesting Reddit wearable tech posts

My cake day is coming up and in pre-celebration I would love to share what I find particularly interesting on reddit, regarding wearables of course. And so after digging through all the memes, gifs, ELI5′s, and other wonderful surprises I discovered, I have compiled a list of five reddit wearable tech posts found in various subreddits that caught my eye.

1. Minuum AMA

Featured in our previous blog about wearables in the...

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Salesforce’s Adam Spearing: Wearable uptake will make smartphones look like Tolpuddle Martyrs

Adam Spearing, VP platform EMEA at Salesforce, has told WearableTech that he believes the uptake of wearable technology will be so rapid it will ‘make the smartphone revolution seem like the Tolpuddle Martyrs.’

Spearing was commenting as Salesforce announced a raft of updates to its Salesforce Wear platform, including a series of new hardware partners including Oculus, Jawbone and Epson, as well as new enterprise applications from ISVs.

“We see this as a big space,” he tells WearableTech. “We think...

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