Will wearables become redundant in 2016? Some consumers think so


Here’s an interesting statistic in the latest survey from IEEE – almost one in 10 consumers believe wearable technology will become redundant or unnecessary in the coming year.

The poll, of more than 2,000 consumers, found digital devices and digital cameras to be the most unnecessary piece of tech this year (15%), with e-readers (9%) in second place. On the other side, 43% of respondents said drones would be the most influential in 2016. Smartphones (38%) and 3D...

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Fossil Group to roll out over 100 wearables in 2016


Fossil Group has announced it is set to roll out over 100 wearables in 2016.

The range will include activity trackers and smart watches for many brands. Misfit, which was acquired by Fossil Group in November 2015, will also launch new types of connected devices. The Misfit and Fossil brands will offer new wearables throughout the year. All 100 styles at Fossil will be available by the end of the year.

Greg McKelvey, chief strategy and digital officer, Fossil Group, said, “We...

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Apple Watch contributes to more than half of smartwatch sales in 2015


Even though the Apple Watch only launched at the end of April, it has still accounted for more than half of smartwatch sales in 2015.

That’s the finding from Juniper Research’s latest study, entitled “Smartwatches: Trends, Vendor Strategies & Forecasts 2016-2020”. Overall, the absence of a robust use case for smartwatches has seen the segment gain traction from lower priced devices with more basic functionality – the Apple Watch, naturally, being an...

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Voice control your Volvo using the Microsoft Band 2

(Image Credit: Volvo)

Microsoft and Volvo have been keeping busy in the connected car space, and have announced their work together on a system which allows for the control of your Volvo car using the Microsoft Band 2 wearable. In fact, going by CES this year, the whole technology industry has been looking for however they can get their name in this rapidly-growing space. 

Klas Bendrik, Senior Vice President and Group Chief Information Officer at Volvo Car Group, says: “When...

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Researchers develop urine-based system to power wearables

(Image Credit: iStockPhoto/champja)

As countries around the globe take steps to keep global warming less than 2 degrees Celsius this century, scientists are exploring unique – perhaps unmentionable – ways to provide power. Researchers at the University of the West of England (UWE, Bristol) have developed a novel method to power portable and wearable electronics. The apparatus in question is a pair of socks...

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Interview: What could the delay of the Vive mean for HTC?

(Image Credit: HTC VR)

Some people aren't even aware the Vive exists amongst headlines dominated by the likes of Oculus – which is the case with a lot of recent products by HTC. But the Vive, for those unaware, is an impressive VR headset from HTC built in collaboration with one of the most renowned names in gaming, Valve

Yesterday, HTC announced the Vive would be delayed until April 2016. We caught-up with Dan Page, a VR consultant and organiser behind the...

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Dialog Semiconductor supports WeChat protocol for wearables

(Image Credit: Dialog Semiconductor)

Dialog Semiconductor's latest SmartBond development kit now includes profile support for WeChat's communication protocol.

The support for WeChat's protocol was announced with the launch of the company's WeChat SDK, which enables developers to add Bluetooth connectivity between wearables and WeChat apps or other IoT devices.

“Dialog is committed to supporting our customers’ continued growth and innovation into exciting...

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Google's Star Trek wearable did not live long, nor prosper

(Image Credit: iStockPhoto/Philartphace)

In an interview with TIME magazine, Google's chief software engineer Amit Singhal revealed the company once built a prototype wearable similar to the Communicator pin worn by the Enterprise's crew in Star Trek: The Next Generation. Although the project did not live long, nor did it prosper. 

The pin, which could be attached to a user's...

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Wearable tech among hottest IBM Watson trends during holiday season


Wearable technology is among the hottest retail trends for the holiday season, according to the latest data from IBM.

IBM has launched the Watson Trend app, currently available on the App Store, in order to help shoppers gain insight on the top trends during the holiday season while also helping them forecast the most-wanted products before they are out of stock. Wearable technology features among the top trends across three categories – consumer electronics, toys and health and...

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