ARM debuts power-efficient Mali-470 GPU for wearables

(Image Credit: ARM Holdings)

When it comes to wearable devices, reaching a harmonious balance of performance and power-efficiency is of vital importance. Most chips used in current wearables haven't been designed for these devices in particular, but ARM wants to change that with the debut of the Mali-470 GPU. 

The Mali-470 is a highly-optimised chip which enables smartphone-quality visuals along with an enhanced user interface for power-constrained products. Along with the aforementioned...

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Fossil is the next fashion brand to adopt Android Wear - debuts four new wearables

(Image Credit: Fossil)

Watches should be stylish, but few smartwatch manufacturers know how to combine fashion with technology due to a lack of experience. Traditional watchmakers are looking to fill that void and deliver an iconic timepiece which pays homage to decades of history – and Fossil is next up to lend their expertise. 

The watch manufacturer has announced four new smart wearables ahead of the holiday season – one of which is an interesting Android Wear...

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Global wearable electronics market to see 80% CAGR in shipment by 2019


ReportBuyer has added a report from Technavio examining the current scenario in the global wearable electronics market while also elaborating on the potential for growth.

The report, titled, Global Wearable Electronics Market 2015-2019, is based on market analysis and has been augmented with viewpoints from industry experts. Analysts at Technavio project a 79.99% CAGR in unit shipment the period 2014–2019.

Market size has been ascertained by taking into account revenue gained...

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Review: Hands-on with the Huawei Watch

You can look at the specs and features of a wearable device, but little gives you a sense of how it feels and performs day-to-day without using it. In this article, I'll go over my personal experience after spending a week using the Huawei Watch and exploring some of its unique features. 

Earlier in the week I posted a review of the design of the Huawei Watch, which is superb. In this article...

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How increasing wearable use in the workplace raises IT concerns


A survey by IT software company Ipswitch, polling 288 American IT professionals, provides insight on challenges and the extent of wearable penetration.

Consumer adoption of wearables is on the rise and the nature of the technology and associated benefits necessitates use throughout the day, leading to concerns for IT professionals at the workplace. Close to 53% of the respondents reported employees with wearables utilising the company Wi-Fi.

As a result, 36% spoke of decreased network...

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Wristly report sheds light on uptake of Apple Watch among consumers


Wristly, which examines data on the Apple Watch, has released a new report that provides insight on the behavioural changes being witnessed among owners of the Watch.

The Apple Watch is gaining traction among consumers and is transforming the health and fitness of many. An earlier report from the firm had found that 78% of Apple Watch users were more conscious of their health after using the product. Recently, an American high-school student held that the wearable had helped him avoid a...

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Review: Huawei Watch honours the classic timepiece

For such a beloved item with a long history of tradition, smartwatch manufacturers have an uphill struggle to convince mechanical watch owners to make the switch. However, there's a strong argument to be made that Huawei's debut watch is the first to pay true homage to decades of classic timepieces and it could be enough to entice a few more wrists over to a new digital lifestyle.

Buyers of high-end watches like Rolex or Cartier will know the premium experience starts with the packaging. Most...

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Millennial generation leads the way as 20% of online Americans use wearables


Wearable device manufacturers such as Fitbit and Apple have been able to generate demand among consumers with the younger generation at the forefront in terms of adoption of connected devices, according to a report by Forrester.

The outlook for wearables is optimistic as 21% of online Americans currently use a wearable device and connected device users even among the ‘golden generation’, on average, utilise at least three connected devices. The average American online...

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Omate launches TrueSmart+ smartwatch, includes bunch of upgraded features

Picture credit: Omate

Updated Wearable technology manufacturer Omate has launched the Omate TrueSmart+, an upgrade on its current arsenal of smartwatches featuring an always-on sensor hub and a micro SIM card holder similar to an iPhone, as well as the TrueSmart-i.

The TrueSmart+ has a 1.54 inch display at a resolution of 320x320, runs on Android Lollipop alongside Omate’s own 3.0 user interface and has strengthened rubber straps integrating Wi-Fi, 2G, 3G and GPS antennas.

“Thanks to our Kickstarter...

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Research: Entry of Apple Watch could be watershed for global wearables market

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A new report from Visiongain projects the value of the global wearables technology market to touch $16.1 billion in 2015, though the market has not gained traction in the near past in terms of technological evolution, sales and end-user adoption.

The entry of the Apple Watch into the market could turn out to be a watershed for the global wearables technology market and ensure mass market adoption in 2015, the researchers argue. The development could transform the overall size of...

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