Take a look at Windows 95 running off a Samsung Gear Live

Picture credit: Corbin Davenport/YouTube

As hacks go, it’s a pretty useless one. But it’s an interesting look at what wearable devices are capable of. YouTube user Corbin Davenport has uploaded a video appearing to show a Samsung Gear Live smartwatch running Windows 95.

“Has science gone too far?” Davenport asks as he loads up a functioning Windows 95 on the Android Wear 4.4W system. It certainly plays into Android’s malleability as an operating system, and could be seen as a nod...

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Less than one in 10 UK consumers expects to buy wearable tech in next year

In case you missed it last night, Apple launched a wearable device – the Apple Watch, not the iWatch – as part of its latest product developments. But what sort of market is Cupertino heading towards?

According to the latest survey results from law firm Osborne Clarke, less than one in 10 UK consumers are expecting to buy wearable technology in the next year, with the share among 18-24 and 25-34 year olds not exactly skyrocketing at 10% and 14% uptake respectively.

It’s worth noting at this...

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Apple's wearable dev kit in-use ahead of tomorrow's event

Apple design chief, Jony Ive, recently made a comment that Switzerland's economy is "in trouble" which was undoubtedly in reference to his confidence that Swiss watch manufacturers should be scared of his renowned designs. The company has also, for the first time, invited press from the fashion industry along to their coveted event scheduled for tomorrow.

If these two revelations weren't big enough signs that Apple is at least ready to show their move into the wearable market; maybe the...

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Android Wear: The definitive first-gen comparison

It's been a while since the launch of Android Wear at I/O on June 25th; but we wanted to wait until a few more devices were inevitably brought to the market before we felt we could make a fair comparison between them before - as rumours suggest - Android Wear 2.0 launches next month.


A recent study, one which unfortunately I can't seem to re-locate, studied whether the public would pick-up the wearable eyewear, Google Glass. The outcome was a resounding no due to the device being seen as...

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Woz reaffirms his view on wearables, sees iWatch as the key

Steve Wozniak’s always good for an opinion or two – and the Apple co-founder’s been at it again, this time saying that Apple is poised to take the smartwatch and wearables market up a notch.

As reported by CNET, Woz told their reporters in an email exchange that even though wearables were “a hard sell,” Apple has “a chance to set the direction and make the product...

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Could Apple become a leader in smartwatches? More to the point, should they?

It goes without saying that, in the majority of cases, the first tech vendor that comes to mind when you think of wearables is Google, be it through Google Glass or Android Wear. Yet a new report makes the prediction that Apple could transform the smartwatch market.

The report, ‘Smartwatches: Market Prospects’ comes from Jackdaw Research and predicts that Apple is the likeliest candidate to do one of two things to turn the smartwatch market on its head: either overcome current technological...

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Intel drives the future of healthcare with disease-monitoring wearables

The most common wearable device today, the smartwatch, is being targeted as the optimum place to keep track of our general health and offer ways we can improve our lifestyle - if we wish. This is great, but there are those out there with more serious ailments which must be monitored continuously or face more serious symptoms than an inflated waistline.

Chip manufacturer Intel is partnering with the Michael J. Foundation, who specialise in Parkinson's disease research, to offer their own expertise in the...

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Interview: Rackspace explains how “the stars aligned” with Rip Curl partnership

Last week, Australian surf brand Rip Curl announced the first wearable surfing technology called the Rip Curl Search GPS Watch. Underpinned by database tech from open source cloud provider Rackspace, the device enables users to analyse surf data, as well as helps Rip Curl refine their own product offerings.

Alongside that, Rackspace released survey results which showed that one in five consumers of working age are using some form of wearable...

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Ringly aims to keep you up to date but with your phone out of sight

Meet Ringly. This startup’s piece of wearable technology keeps you up to date with notifications, but makes sure you’re not pulling your phone out of your pocket every few minutes.

Utilising Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), the ring’s BLE-enabled circuit board makes the connection with the user’s phone, and is available on both iOS and Android platforms.

The ring lights up a specified colour and gives a different vibration pattern dependent on the type of notification received, be it a...

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